We are so grateful to our dear friends for referring us to Jenn Price. She pulled off what we thought would be the impossible and at the end of the day, we now have a savings account like never before. Today we have no outstanding bills, just a small increase in our mortgage payment, but we also have a large amount of money in savings that allows us to live day to day with no financial worries or concerns about the future.  We still can’t believe what an amazing difference this has made to our monthly budget, we actually are ahead every month by over fifteen hundred dollars, a big WOW for Jenn. ~ Blake and Ruby W, Stoney Creek ON

I’m so grateful to Jenn for making time to speak with me and working on my case. I also cannot thank her enough for her honesty. It’s, unfortunately, something more and more rare lately. Jenn was very fast in responding to me and 100% ethical. ~ Aline D, Toronto ON

Thank you Jenn. I really enjoy working with you guys . Everyone knows my name , my story and it makes things easier for someone young trying to get mortgages to have a relationship and a team . I got my first mortgage with you guys at the age of 20 and I am 27 now with a few under my belt and looking to expand! Thanks for all you do and to many more. ~ Daniel C, Guelph ON

Very positive experience. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Jenn helped me think of a different way to handle my home refinance that would allow me to not only pay off existing debt, but also to arrange for some extra money to conduct some investing. This advice was invaluable and has completely changed my financial outlook for the better. She also educated me on the long term benefits of taking a variable interest rate over a fixed rate.  Jenn is great and works hard for her clients. Thank you Jenn. ~ Rob K.

Jennifer was absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend her services! She made the whole mortgage process easy and efficient and she was very prompt and detailed regarding any clarification concerns. If you are looking for a mortgage your search ends here! ~Mary C, Oakville ON

We had a great experience working with Jennifer Price. Jennifer was nothing less than professional and was able to go through every step with us and explain everything in such a way that we understood everything. She was patient with us and answered all of our questions and listened to our feedback and at anytime she felt that we weren’t quite understanding something she would take the time to explain it in a different way so that we understood. You just don’t get that kind of service at other places. I would highly recommend Jenn to others! ~ Robin S, Guelph ON

Jenn and team were great to work with. More efficient than 2 banks I had approached and competitive rates. Wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. ~ Norma B, Toronto ON

Jenn taught me millennials CAN own homes, and has provided so much insight into managing my income and debt so I can (one day) own a home. Will always recommend Jenn. ~ Tim C.

I recommend their excellent service. ~ Dale C.

Absolutely fantastic service. Jennifer took the time to look at our situation and was very helpful. Unfortunately the deal fell thru om the sellers end but we will definitely be back. ~Steve K