The experience with Jenn Price was helpful – I will comment that I have negotiated previous mortgages in the past on my own – and was pleased with my efforts however I did not have the expertise that I was seeking with your team. I do consistently read your articles and actually look forward to reading your advice in the Wellington paper and I am signed up by email to receive other information from your team which I know will be helpful. I am hoping if I have any questions for any of my mortgages that I can contact you for further advice.

Thank you for your assistance.  ~ Sharlene Ireland

Was a great experience. Was skeptical about the option she offered but once I was walked through it and was giving more facts I was glad I went with it.

~ Kevin Brown

Jenn Price was referred to us from a friend when we were in need of a mortgage. We were working with another agent who let us down in the process of buying our cottage. From the moment we connected with Jenn I knew we were in good hands. Jenn Price truly saved us. She worked incredibly hard and helped us close our mortgage seamlessly. One of the best compliments I can give is that not only have we found my mortgage partner for life but all of my friends and family will know about Jenn Price Mortgages. Thank you again for all your help and support.

~ Garett M & Family.

A special thanks to our closest friends that introduced us to Jennifer Price in Fergus Ontario.  We live some distance away in Stoney Creek Ontario. I’m sure that many people are in a similar situation that my wife and I were in as 2017 was coming to a finish, that situation was simply a shortage of cash, a number bills and lots of home equity that seemed untouchable without actually selling our home.  In the spring of 2018 my wife and I will turn seventy and we both want to keep our home and yet we want to remove debt so that at the end of a month we have plenty of cash left.  We also want to know that we will leave our home to our son and that the equity will outweigh the remaining mortgage by a substantial amount.  Our closest friend told us of their dealings with Jennifer Price and how incredible the outcome was for them.  Their outcome was lots of cash at month end, no debts and still lots of equity in the home they owned in Fergus. Sounded too good to be true, first off we lived in Stoney Creek, over a one hour drive from Fergus. Secondly, we had so many debts, some small and some large, but we did have some equity in our home.  Our first concern was how someone so distant would be able to work with us in an efficient timely manner.  Secondly we had heard mortgage rules were changing and could we do this before the changes that were due to take place.  Third issue we had to consider was an appraisal of our home which seemed impossible as we were in the midst of some renovations and how would someone in Fergus understand the value of homes in Stoney Creek.  NB: The appraiser came from Oakville We opted to contact Jennifer Price as we felt that we could at least learn more about how we might fit into the process and whether or not we actually qualified.  It was early December 2017 and we knew our chances of putting this together before year end were slim and maybe none.  Jennifer would need to organize an appraiser, examine all our outstanding debts, calculate how this could all be assembled so that at the end of the day we would have “NO” debts, a small increase in our existing mortgage and unbelievably leave us with a good sized chunk of money in savings.  And she had to interact with a lawyer based in Guelph who also needed to act in a timely manner.  At the end of the day Jennifer pulled this off and before Xmas we had completed the entire process and we had a savings account like never before. Today we have no outstanding bills and a small increase in our mortgage payments, but we also have a large amount of money in savings that allows us to live day to day with no financial worries or concerns about the future.  We still can’t believe what an amazing difference this has made to our monthly budget, we actually are ahead every month by over fifteen hundred dollars, a big WOW for Jennifer. We must also thank our appraiser Bill Boros from Oakville, Mark F. Graham our lawyer in Guelph, they both did excellent work and in a very timely manner.   This has been a life changing event for my wife and I, we have gone from being worried about our future to having no worries and an excellent financial plan moving forward.

 ~ Blayne and Ruby Willett

I’m not very good with words. We really did appreciate your help. You were friendly knowledgeable and very helpful. Thanks Jennifer.

~ Arlie and Verna Hunt

Very professional. 

~ Mike Gallant

From the 1st time I walked in , I felt like I was one of their family members. It took me over a year because of personal reasons and Jenn Price and team helped me with everything . 

~ Kevin O’Donnell

We are so glad we were able to work with Jenn Price. She found us a solution within days of us contacting her and put our minds at ease almost immediately. The process seemed effortless and we were so happy with how quickly our mortgage woes were solved. We will definitely be using her services again! 

~ Robert Wallace

Jenn Price has a wealth of knowledge and helped us find the right mortgage for us at a great rate. What more could you ask for? She was enthusiastic and friendly making the whole experience of renewing a mortgage a much less onerous experience! Great service! 

~ Robert & Lydia Vanderwoerd

Very knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. Would definitely recommend 🙂

– Dianthe van Weerden